At Shoulders we have developed our own working environment policy, ensuring a good and safe working environment. We make sure that the working conditions are comfortable, secure and flexible, which is a natural condition for satisfied employees.

We focus on developing our employees through training and challenging work assignments. All employees are handed a personnel handbook, and we have even produced a “Handbook for Project Managers”, to use as an information tool and to secure that all goals and standards are met.


Safety is a key factor in a good working environment. We want to avoid work-related accidents and work actively to reduce accidents. Our safety policy helps preventing occupational injuries and gives our employees the right safety tools while working on the assignments.

We make sure our safety procedures are continuously upgraded and up to date.

In order to secure the well-being of our employees and a secure workplace, we also produce a “Workplace Assessment” (WPA) for the entire company, and we prepare specific WPAs for all major assignments. Our customers and collaborators are even offered an independent safety and health plan, if they want one.


Our employees’ physical as well as mental health is important to us.

The employees are the very foundation og Shoulders work and therefore we have taken certain actions to ensure the health of our employees. All employees are automatically enrolled in health insurance at the start of their employment. The health insurance covers all kinds of treatment, both physical and mental in nature.  

Through communication, we take utmost consideration of the needs of our employees. Predictability about daily routines have also proven to create security and stability and keeping absenteeism to a minimum.