At Shoulders we specialize in different kinds of foundation work, in and outside Denmark.We execute supporting foundation work in connection with infrastructure, marine and harbor projects. This includes, among other things, the establishment of construction pits and the execution of foundation work for noise shields.

No matter which challenges our customers may have, we provide, in close collaboration to finding the best possible solution, both technical as well as economic.

Habor and marine constructions
Habor and ferry docks, piers, outflows, sams and offshore foundations. Read more

Retaining walls
Sheet pile retaining walls established by driving, vibration, drilling or pressing in, fastened by anchorbars if nessecary. Read more

Pile foundation
Pre fabricated piles, either concrete or steel for pile foundation. We execute foundation work from barges. Read more

Construction pits
Established either as retaining walls or king post walls. We execute retaining/sheet pile walls from barges. Read more