Quality work delivered on time is our goal, no matter the extent of the assignment.
Therefore, we have developed and implemented our own quality assurance system, using tools from Lean Construction. The system is updated and improved on an ongoing basis by our Quality and Environment Coordinator (Q&A Coordinator).
It is important for us, to meet the expectations of our clients and collaborators. Therefore, during the process, we focus on communication and dialogue enabling expectations to be fulfilled and the expected quality to be achieved.
With all assignments we conduct risk assessment, securing a carefully planned project and a kept schedule. As our client or our collaborator you can expect a documented project management, kept norms and dedicated people ensuring the success rate.


The Quality and Environment (Q&E) Coordinator is responsible for ensuring that quality and environmental guidelines are implemented and respected in all projects. The Q&A Coordinator’s job also includes controlling the building sites and predicting various scenarios and risks – in short, he/she assesses every single process and stage of the work on an ongoing basis.