Consideration and accountability in relation to the outside world, employees, customers, environment and society lie at the heart of Shoulders’ operations. Our CSR policy permeates every part of our organ­isation, and we take our employees’ working environment as well as social, ethical and environmental issues into consideration on a daily basis. Shoulders is a part of Barslund Group and follows the Groups CSR policy.   Our CSR policy helps us to further develop our business. We know that building a good business requires long-term relationships with great partners, customers and suppliers. In our projects, we strive to see the assignments from the customer’s perspective so we can perform them to their complete satisfaction, while at the same time living up to the social expectations that exist for a company of our size. Our employees are the cornerstone of our company and help ensure that our CSR-related work is manifested in practice. That is why we value their commitment and willingness to adhere to the CSR policy. The CSR policy includes the following strategic focus areas (each of which is further divided into sub-categories):
  • Customers
  • Working environment
  • Environment
  • Ethics
  • Social responsibility
In our CSR policy, you can also read about our work with the UN’s 17 world goals for sustainable development. Read our CSR Policy here.