Shoulders is an innovative company and we appreciate challenges and high quality work.

Our vision and mission clarifies where we wish to go. Our values show what we stand for.



Our vision is that 9 out of 10 customers will recommend us to others, and that 9 out of 10 employees are happy to go to work.


Shoulders performs foundation work in Denmark and Sweden in a customer-oriented, documented, standardized and controlled process with a healthy economy. We deliver the agreed quality, time and price for the benefit of our customers and projects. We protect our customers and the environment through solution-oriented collaboration and clear agreements. We take care of our employees by ensuring development, co-determination and a good and safe working environment.


Need-oriented: We listen to our customers needs – both in terms of their problems and their needs and wishes. We put ourselves in our customer’s situation and understand the value we add. Development-oriented: We invest in personal and professional development, and in new relevant technology. We share our knowledge and experience with others where it makes sense and has value. Social: We are interested in the social interaction and the individuals involved. We are positive, show respect and keep a proper tone. Proud: We solve tasks as agreed – We keep our promises. We deliver the right quality. We ensure safety and protect the environment at our workplace. Dedicated: We see possibilities rather than limitations. We take initiatives and act. Innovative: We involve new technology. We contribute to new ways of solving the tasks.